Saturday, 7 April 2012



"It is not race or ethnicity but the culture which determines the performance of any race or people i.e. the value system that they believe in and adhere to at a given time."

"To succeed, the Malays must change their culture. They must look towards work as reward in itself. They must regard what they achieve through work as the true reward. There should be some financial rewards but these must not outweigh the satisfaction obtained from the result of their work. They must have proper work ethics which involve taking pride in the result of the work rather than the monetary reward alone."

"The danger for the Malays is that their development and empowerment would be so retarded that they will never be able to gain their rightful place in their own country. They will be impoverished economically and also politically. Their empowerment at this point in time will wither away, and they will be the deprived in their own country."

(The Harvard Club of Malaysia Dinner, Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur, 29 July 2002)

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